Label rolls – Kolbe-Coloco

In our UV label roll printing line, we can print a wide range of paper and plastic materials. Above all, UV label roll printing is suitable for products where high quality and quick post-press processing are important.

In our UV web-fed offset printing process it is possible to combine flexographic printing and screen-printed special finishes in a single pass. Striking cold-film embossing, shaped punching and many more effects are also possible. This process, which is known as inline special finishing, saves time and money.

For smaller runs which have to be produced quickly in high quality, we recommend our digital printing service for label rolls. Do your products need to be customised or personalised? We can print them on our digital roll printing line.

Label rolls

As their name suggests, label rolls are labels that are produced on a roll – either because they need to be machine-dispensable or simply because it is more practical for handling purposes. We produce a huge range of labels for our customers: plain labels, high-quality-finish labels, personalised labels, multilayer labels ...


Finished labels

Our extraordinary fleet of machines enables us to produce a number of print finishes for your labels. Thanks to the large number of inking units and screen printing units we have, we can apply effect colours such as luminescent and UV-sensitive colours, glitter coatings, haptic warning symbols, and many more special finishes. Our cold-stamping unit adds metallic effects and elegant writing. Check out our Label rolls product group to find out more ...


Personalised labels

We use our digital roll printing line to lend your labels a personal touch. You give us an address list for us to process and scan into our system. Then, depending on the layout you want, we will produce plain or high-quality-finish labels that address each of your customers personally. These labels are perfect for marketing campaigns and competitions, for example.

Multilayer label rolls

Sometimes there just isn’t enough space on one label – maybe it’s too cluttered, or you need to give the label a second use. In such situations, multilayer labels are the right choice for you.


Sandwich label rolls

Sandwich labels are made of a double-layered material with a top web and a bottom web, both of which are adhesive. Once processing is complete or after it has already been stuck on something, the top label can be peeled off completely and affixed elsewhere.

We offer three types of sandwich label: those with a transparent carrier label, those with a white carrier label and those with a printed carrier label. The transparent carrier is used when you want the information underneath to remain legible, e.g. on a flyer. The white carrier is designed for situations where the sandwich label can provide partial cover, while the printed carrier is often used for supermarket loyalty points, for example.


Profitino® label rolls

This triple-sided printed label has a non-adhesive flap, making it easy to open and close again. Add a competition to the inside with an alphanumerical code, or your own personalisation.


Booklet label rolls

Booklet labels are perfect for providing large amounts of information or offering a variety of languages. We offer booklet labels with up to 16 pages, each of which can be personalised for a competition, for example. The smallest format starts at approx. 30 x 30 mm, and can be produced with a variety of figurations and folding techniques. For example, you could use a laminate seal to provide additional protection for the surface. Booklet labels are suitable for use as screw-cap labels, body labels, seal labels, and for on-pack promotions.